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Flaming Sword




Welcome! I’m Ana Joldes, an independent editor for fiction authors and the driving force behind House of Fables™. My love for reading and belief in empowering authors led to the creation of this platform, where I support writers in crafting unique and captivating narratives.

Ever since starting out, I’ve come to notice a significant quality gap between traditional and self-published manuscripts, inspiring the creation of House of Fables™. I firmly believe that self-publishing should never compromise on quality, standing as a beacon of excellence equal to traditionally published works.

Since launching on Fiverr in 2019, I’ve edited over 400 titles, including some of Amazon’s bestsellers. This early success resulted in an invitation to join Fiverr Pro, a group reserved for the top 1% of vetted freelancers. A significant achievement was editing a title called One Night in Drake Mansion, which sold thousands of copies, leading to more bestseller collaborations.


I hold qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading and a First-Class Honors degree in Modern Languages. Today, House of Fables™ proudly serves 300+ authors worldwide in both self-published and traditionally published circles.


House of Fables™ actively supports causes close to my heart, such as the Born Free Foundation and WWF.


Living in London, storytelling has always captivated me. My favorite genres, fantasy and sci-fi, allow for boundless creative exploration and reader immersion. Outside of editing, I am an ardent gamer, particularly invested in Blizzard’s Warcraft saga, drawn by its rich narrative depth.


My affinity for fantasy extends to cinematography, with series like Foundation, The Expanse, and The Witcher topping my list.


Stories, for me, serve as portals into diverse cultures and lives, enhancing understanding and empathy. My aim is to help authors create such transformative experiences through their work.


Welcome to House of Fables™.

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