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Book covers are a pivotal marketing tool, offering the first glimpse into a book’s essence. A well-designed cover not only indicates the genre but also embodies the book’s unique character, making it crucial for successful book launches, particularly in fiction.

Custom eBook Cover Design


A unique, professional eBook cover design.

First draft delivered within 14 days.

Unlimited revisions.

High-resolution, upload-ready cover.

Full rights retained by the author, royalty-free.

100% money-back guarantee.

eBook + Print Cover Design


Everything from the custom eBook cover design.

Designs for front, spine, and back cover.

High-resolution file for paperback covers.

Bar code generation from your ISBN.

Full rights retention and a money-back guarantee.

  • What is line editing?
    Line editing is my most popular service. Once you have established a plot, story arc, and characters, it’s time to amplify your story on a sentence-by-sentence basis to ensure that even the most minute details are precisely aligned. Line editing ensures that the red coat that your character was wearing on page 5 is still red on page 10. Line editing also prevents you from erroneously shifting from past to present tense in the middle of the same sentence. Another example of line editing is confirming that the main character in your story always has the same name. The key objective of line editing is to ensure a smooth reading experience for your audience.
  • When should line editing be done?
    Once you have a fully completed draft of your manuscript, but prior to copy editing.
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