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House of Fables Line Editing Services


My line-editing services include a full analysis of your manuscript to ensure the integrity of sentence structure and grammar while maintaining the author’s voice throughout the whole manuscript. Line editing also ensures that your story flows properly from one chapter to another with a transitional style that is fluid and engaging.


Line editing also ensures your manuscript maintains continuity (as in, details remain static throughout) and reveals any issues with your manuscript’s plot that merit further attention.


While line editing has an emphasis on honing the author’s voice and delivering a smooth reading experience, there is so much that can change during the line-editing process that another copy-editing pass may be warranted to resolve any outstanding issues.


My copy-editing services include a full analysis of all grammatical components, including proper sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar. Copy editing also includes a detailed assessment of your manuscript for continuity and any potential flaws in the plot, including the assurance that all details remain static and are consistent throughout your story. The dialogue of your manuscript is also given priority.

House of Fables Copy Editing Services
House of Fables Proofreading Services


Grammatical errors and poor grammar get in the way of great dialogue and interfere with the message your manuscript attempts to communicate. We’ve all read a book and spotted a grammatical error. Maybe the sentence is missing an “a” or has an “it” when it should be an “if.”


That’s why investing in a professional proofreader is so crucial. It protects your writing from being undermined by small, seemingly innocuous grammatical errors. Proofreading is not an alternative to editing—it’s an independent, albeit very necessary, step in publishing your story.

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